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2 x Melanotan II - injection

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2 x melanotan II - injection

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Typically MT2 comes in 10mg vials of powder. This is mixed with 2ml of sterile water and then administered subcutaneously with an insulin syringe. The typical loading dose is 0.1mg/20kg of body weight twice daily for the first 10-15 days depending on how quickly results are desired or until desired colour is reached, this usually uses an entire vial.

With mt2 you STILL need some UV to activate your tan, with no UV, melanocytes accumulate at spots, freckles etc making them go very dark and leaving the rest of the skin pale.With UV the melanocytes "spread out" speeding up the tanning process and letting the spots and freckles blend in. So with mt2 usage atleast 3 10 minute sunbed sessions a week, sun tanning atleast 10 minutes at a time.

Thereafter 0.2mg/20kg of bodyweight twice a week as maintenance dose, which per 10mg vial last between 6-8 weeks again dependent on how dark a tan you desire.

MT2 is administered by the same quick and painless injection that thousands of diabetics perform on themselves everday. It simply involves inserting a tiny insulin needle into the fatty tissue of the abdomen, leg or arm.

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