Multilevel Rewards (Sponsorship Program)


Get rewarded for all your own purchases, your friend’s (level1) purchases and their friend’s purchases (level2)


Your own purchases give you 5% loyalty reward

Level 1 gives you 5%

Level 2 gives you 2.5%



Your own Loyalty:

You buy 1 Betatan nasal spray every month for R650, which will give you a loyalty reward of R32.50.


Level 1:

You have referred 5 friends who each also buy 1 nasal spray per month, this will earn you R162.50 (5 Nasal sprays = R3250 x 5% = R162.50)


Level 2:

Each of your friends referred 5 friends who each buy 1 nasal spray per month, this will earn you R406.25 (25 Nasal sprays = R16250 x 2.5% = R406.25)


Total Rewards will be R601.25 (own purchases + level1 + Level 2) for the month, which you can convert to a voucher and use on an order of your choice.



You will need to register on this website to be able to use the Multi Level Rewards system. Once you have registered, go to "MY Account" on the left column and click on Sponsorship program:



This will take you to the  following screen where you can follow any of the steps to invite friends.