Frequently Asked Questions

What, exactly, is Melanotan II?

Simply put, Melanotan II is based on a peptide that stimulates your body’s own melanin production, creating a deep and natural tan without exposure to tanning beds or the sun’s harmful rays. MT2 is mixed with bacteriostatic water and then injected into the skin where it increases your melanin levels, leading to a normal and “safe” tan. This process was developed by researchers at the University of Arizona who knew that one of the best defenses against skin cancer is a natural tan that has been slowly developed over weeks. So, they found a way to make the skin’s tanning cells (melanocytes) produce more tanning pigment (melanin). The result? A beautiful, natural looking tan without the usual risks. 

What does Melanotan II look like?

Much like the people who benefit from it, MT2 can come in various shapes and sizes. Basically, it’s a white substance packaged in glass vials. However, because it’s lyophilized (or dried by freezing in a high vacuum) it can take on several appearances. Don’t worry, they’re all completely normal. 

A few examples of how your MT2 might look:  
Small and grainy: This is the most typical form. 
It could look like a hard pellet that takes up about 15% of the vial. 
Filling 2/3 of the vial: Sometimes, because of lyophilization, it can look like there’s more MT2 than normal, but it will still dilute with the same amount of water. 
Small amount of powder or flakes: Again, this is because of lyophilization. It doesn’t affect potency in any way. 

How will it work for me?

Because MT2 works naturally with your body, everyone’s experience can be different. We do know, however, that people with similar skin types tend to have similar results. 
So, once you know what your type is, you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect. 

Type 1:

Tan? What Tan? This palest natural skin tone is the most sensitive to sun exposure. This group always burns, never tans and usually peels. They also freckle profusely in the sun. 

What to expect: If you have lots of freckles they’ll darken before the rest of your skin tone. Some new freckles may also show up. Don’t panic. This is completely normal and actually a sign that your MT2 is working. Since your skin type is naturally pale, your loading phase will be longer than other customers. You’ll need a fairly large amount of MT2 in your system before your skin tone changes. Most customers with skin Type 1 start experiencing a change in their overall color around the fourth week of injections. At that time, you’ll probably need a moderate amount of sun exposure to achieve a deep tan, but you should not burn or peel. Your freckles should become less noticeable as your overall skin tone gets darker and darker. Before you know it, you’ll have that tan you’ve always wanted. 

Type 2:

The “Just-Barelys” This group isn’t extremely pale but still has trouble tanning. They burn easily and usually peel but can eventually develop a slight tan. 

What to expect: Most of our customers fall into this skin type and MT2 usually works very well for them. If you have freckles, you can expect them to darken more quickly than the rest of your skin (most likely within the first week). Also, a few new freckles might appear. Your skin should start to darken around the third week of injections. You’ll probably need a low amount of sun exposure (less than those with skin Type 1) before you get the color you want, but you shouldn’t burn or peel. * A helpful tip: Your face and arms will probably get darker more quickly than the rest of your body because they’re exposed to the most amount of sun. To keep your tan even, use a high SPF on those areas. 

Type 3:

The Semi-Tanners This covers the widest variety of skin tones and refers to people who burn moderately in the sun but can gradually tan to a light brown. It also covers those don’t burn much at all and always tan well to a medium shade of brown. People in this category peel occasionally after prolonged sun exposure, but don’t usually peel or freckle. 

What to expect: MT2 works great for people with this skin type. Just like people with paler skin, if you have freckles, they’ll darken before the rest of your skin tone. You may see a change in your overall skin tone as quickly as ten days after starting injections, although it takes most people closer to three weeks. People with this skin type usually do not have to go in the sun at all to notice a difference in skin tone. If you do decide to go in the sun, your skin will darken quickly to a deep brown. Any part of your body that is exposed to sunlight (face, arms, hands, etc.) will tan very quickly. Use a high SPF if you find that those areas do not match the rest of your body. 

Type 4:

The Easy Bronzers If this is you, consider yourself lucky. This group rarely (if ever) burns in the sun and always tans to a deep, dark brown. They are not prone to peeling or freckling and can tan easily with minimal sun exposure. 

What to expect: Most customers with this skin type don’t need MT2 to get the perfect tan. Instead, they use it as a way to get tan without exposing themselves to harmful sunrays or using messy creams or lotions. People with this skin type will darken very quickly and will have a very short loading phase. You could see results in as early as a week, although it might take as long as two to three weeks. You won’t need to go in the sun to notice a change in your overall skin tone. Your skin will get darker on its own without exposure to sunlight or tanning beds. 

* A bit of advice: If you do decide to go in the sun, you should use SPF and be cautious about becoming too dark.